Frequently Asked Questions

I didn't buy my iron from you, but can you help?

Yes.  Please contact us to explain what you need and we will do our best to help.  We cannot replace your Portasol product under warranty if you didn't buy from us but we may be able help you fix it.

How do I identify which iron, torch or kit I have?

We are working on a page to help you, but it's not yet ready.  In the meanwhile, please contact us with a description and then we will email you and ask you to send a photograph of the iron and tip if we can't be absolutely sure from your description.

Do you sell gas?

Sorry no as it is available in most supermarkets, corner shops and garages.  However we do recommend that you only buy gas that states its 100% pure butane.  Cheap gas refills often have propane and particulates in them which damages the iron or torch and shortens the life of the tip.

Do you sell solder?

Sorry no.  There are so many different types of solder and too many different types of soldering and brazing jobs. 


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